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Will Sharon discusses dream work and what keeps us from achieving our goals

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Will Sharon discusses coaching and dream work, part 1 This recurring event has been changed and is no longer part of a series.

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 Melanie Phillips shares her story of how she worked through tragedy and how she empowers others to do the same

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Dr. Grasser discusses circadian medicine, sleep, and insomnia

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Gretchen Price of the Care Management Group of New Mexico discusses care management and services for seniors

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Omar Gomez talks about Peruvian plant medicine ceremonies

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Dr. Rachel Redmond shares her experience with needing a late term abortion

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Dr. Margrit Mikulis discusses a holistic approach to healing chronic disease and escaping fear 

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Dr. Margrit Mikulis discusses a holistic approach to Lyme Disease and related infections

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Mark DeRespinis discusses organic farming at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs and Resort

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