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Guest Ralph Grosswald of Beyond Borders Dental presents a unique opportunity for affordable comprehensive dental care.

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Guest Todd Caldecott discusses the healthiest oils and dispels myths about raw foods.

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Guest Todd Caldecott discusses the problem with acellular carbohydrates, timing of meals, and dispels myths about several "superfoods."

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Part 2 of Todd Caldecott Series discussing why vegetarianism and veganism is not natural for humans

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Todd Caldecott discusses the history of human eating, and why vegetarianism is not natural

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Aug 16: Dr. Mary Wingo discusses stress, the five causes of stress in our society, and what we can do about it

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re-broadcast of January 27, 2015

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Shawn Parell shares her wisdom of yoga

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Dr. Elise Lowe discusses the life of a resident physician

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Dr. Jessica Vellela and Dr. Grasser discuss the 12 week Total Health Tune-up, a program combining Ayurveda and Functional Medicine

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